Why Jim Carey Is Lashing Out Against Vaccines

Jim Carey is back in the spotlight, not for comedy this time, but controversy. He is coming out against vaccination, especially the new law in California. After a measles outbreak in Disneyland, which left 147 sick, a new law was signed by the California governor to implement the vaccination of children in every school. The law signed by Mr. Brown stated that each public school child must be vaccinated as from 2016.

The Ace Ventura actor lashed out on Twitter, talking against the vaccination campaign. Carey accused the Center for Disease Control of being corrupt. He also claimed that Brown was a corporate fascist and he needed to be stopped. Basically, he implies that the governor is after money when he is signing the bill.

He also posted on Twitter that Brown was approving the poisoning of children by giving them the vaccines, which contains aluminium and mercury.

The new bill is set to eliminate the vaccination exceptions that are based on the religious beliefs. Carey claims that he is not against vaccines, but he is strongly objecting the Thimersoal and mercury that are in the vaccines.

Carey even suggests a particular documentary, the Trace Amounts, for parents to learn more about the vaccines and the possible dangers.

The legislation of the governor comes about 4 months after the outbreak of measles attacked the Golden State. Carey’s ex-wife, Jenny McCarthy is among those in the front line against the MMR vaccine, Measles, Mumps and Rubella.


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