This Eye Color May Be Linked To Alcohol Dependence

Do people with blue eyes have higher risk of alcohol dependence? Well, just recently, this question has been answered by researchers from the University of Vermont in which they specify that eye colors are linked to alcoholism. In the recent study, individuals with light colored eyes, especially blue, have higher risk of being alcohol dependent compared to dark-eyed people. But this shouldn’t mean that most blue-eyed individuals are alcoholics or that the eyes itself cause alcoholism. The study has only revealed the connection between the color of the eye and its link to alcoholism.

The study involves a large number of Europeans Americans with light eyes and brown eyes. It showed that light colored eyes have stronger dependence on alcohol than dark or brown eyes. The study has also revealed higher rates of alcoholism to other factors such as the age, sex, culture, and geographical background. The authors also determined that the eye color can also be related to genetic components, particularly genes related to excessive alcohol use.

After seeing the connection between blue eyes and alcoholism, researchers rechecked their study by re-arranging groups of European American for different types of comparison and the results were staggering. The connection between the color of the eyes and alcoholism stands strong and the analysis proves to be true. But prior to the recent research, eye color and alcoholism link had been done before in 2000 where similar results are posted. The study involved a set of women with dark and light eye colors. The study concludes that blue eyed women have higher risk of alcohol dependency than those with dark brown eyes.

What is yet to be fully uncovered, however, is what drives this condition. Studies have only revealed the connection but not the actual reason why people with blue eyes have higher possibility of alcohol dependence.

This research can be very useful for clinical diagnosis of people who are alcohol dependent. It can help us in tracing the root of the problem not only for alcoholism but other psychiatric illnesses associated to the color of the eyes.

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