The Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Blood donation, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour, can help three to four patients. This of course is reason enough to consider donating blood, but blood donation also potentially offers tremendous health benefits.

Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

By donating blood regularly, you will be able to reduce your blood viscosity, and this helps eliminate the iron that might oxidize in your blood. If the oxidative stress in your blood increases, it can damage your cardiovascular health.

Reduces chances of Strokes and Heart AttacksĀ 

Blood donation also reduces chances of strokes and heart attacks. As per a study published in the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), researchers discovered that participants, in the age group of 43 to 61, suffered fewer strokes and heart attacks after they donated blood once every six months.

Reduces Risks of Cancer

As the iron stores in the body is reduced while donating blood, it can also reduce chances of cancer. As per the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, iron can increase free radical damage in your system, and this in turn can increases chances of aging, and cancer. Researchers kept track of 1,200 people, divided into two groups, for four and half years. It was found that one group, who donated blood twice a year, experienced a reduction in their iron content, and the other group made no changes. The result was that the donors had lower levels of iron, and thus there were lower risks of cancer.

Helps Burns Calories

According to the University of California, San Diego, by donating one pint of blood, you can get rid of about 650 calories. So, if you donate blood regularly, you can actually shed quite a good amount of weight. However, please do no think this to be any weight loss plan. You still have to follow your exercise and diet routine, but donating blood will prove to be of some extra help, a bonus.

Free Blood Analysis

When you donate blood, you will be tested for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and other diseases. Through the testing, it is decided whether or not you are healthy enough to donate blood. Your blood sample can also be used at present or sometime in the future for medical researches and other tests, of course with your consent.

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