Fight Diabetes By Consuming Protein Before Carbs

Many individuals who have diabetes realize that they have limited options when it comes to regulating their blood glucose levels, after they have consumed a meal. However, research that was conducted by Weill Medical College in New York City, demonstrated that diabetics who consumed protein and vegetables before they consumed their carbohydrates, had lower blood glucose and insulin levels.

Individuals who have type 2 diabetes have to ensure that they regularly maintain their blood sugar levels and ensure that it never gets too high. One of the primary suggestions that doctors give to type 2 diabetics is that, since carbohydrates drastically raise the blood sugar levels, they should keep their carbohydrate intake at a minimum. However, based on the fact that some of the most popular foods contain an abundance of carbohydrates, such as french fries, cakes, cookies and cereals, it comes as no surprise that minimizing your carbohydrate intake is easier said than done. However, new research has demonstrated that there may be an easier and much more practical solution for diabetics when it comes to consuming carbohydrates while at the same time, minimizing their blood sugar levels.

The study consisted of 11 obese individuals who had type 2 diabetes and were on the oral diabetes drug metformin. During the two week study, all of the participants were given a traditional Western diet, which consisted of a variation of vegetables, fats, carbohydrates and protein. During the first week, the participants were instructed to consume carbohydrates first, followed by proteins, vegetables and fat 15 minutes after they consumed the carbohydrates. After which, their blood sugar levels were tested, 30, 60 and 120 minutes later. The following week of the study, the process was repeated, but this time, they were instructed to consume protein, fat and vegetables first, followed by carbohydrates, 15 minutes later.

Upon conclusion of the study, they found that when the participants ate carbohydrates last, their blood sugar levels were approximately 29% lower after 30 minutes, 37% after 60 minutes and 17% after 120 minutes. This is in comparison to their blood sugar levels when they consumed carbohydrates first.

What this equates to for individuals with type 2 diabetes is that rather than simply avoiding foods that are loaded with carbohydrates, a more practical approach would be to consume proteins and vegetables 15 minutes prior to consuming carbohydrates.

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