10 Weird Medieval Medical Cures

8. Corpse cure


Medieval age was a time when superstitions reigned supreme and there was no separating them from the practice of medicine. This resulted in rather bizarre use of corpse to cure a variety of ailments. The driving philosophy behind this remedial procedure was that the bodies of dead people contained certain properties. Thus, Romans believed that corpses of dead soldiers could cure certain psychological ailments. Similarly, mummies were excavated from Egypt and turned into powders to prepare a number of brews and potions supposed to cure a variety of different ailments.

7. Use of animals in medicine


If dead humans can made use of to cure people, could animals be far behind? Especially in ancient Egypt, there was a well developed medical taxonomy detailing the use of animals, and their organs, for medical purposes. For example, blood of creepy crawlies were regularly used to prepare ointments meant to treat cuts and wounds. For women suffering from a perceived lack of libido, there were potions prepared from horses saliva.