10 Warning Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

4- Excessive hunger


Extreme pangs of hunger, another symptom of diabetes, can result from extreme highs and lows swings in your blood sugar levels.

As blood sugar levels drop rapidly, the body assumes it has not been fed and starts craving for more glucose to allow the cells to function properly. As a result you will feel constantly hungry.

3- Weight loss


Abnormally high sugar levels in the blood can also trigger rapid weight-loss, as much as 20 pounds in two to three months. Obviously, this isn’t a healthy kind of weight-loss.

Since insulin isn’t doing its job getting glucose into your body cells, where it should be used as energy, your body begins to think it is starving and breaks down proteins from your muscles as an alternative supply of fuel.

Your kidneys are working overtime as well, to get rid of the extra sugar, and since as Dr. Collazo-Clavell notes “these are processes that require a lot of energy” this will lead to a large calorie deficiency.