10 Surprising Medical Conditions Meditation Can Treat

2. Asthma

Once again, meditation cannot actually treat asthma currently, but it can help to decrease the frequency of asthma attacks. With mindfulness, people often learn to decrease the anxiety that may occur in the beginning of an asthma attack and be able to prevent an attack from progressing. Meditation practices encourage deep breathing and can help you gain greater control of your body and prevent asthma attacks.

1. Sleep Problems

Many people struggle with sleeping a night. These insomnia events may be caused by stress, anxiety, or simply not feeling tired in the evenings. Meditating before going to bed actually decreases the amount of time that it takes to fall asleep and improves the quality of that sleep. Finding effective ways to get a complete night’s sleep is a challenge for many, but it certainly doesn’t have to be frustrating. Consider meditating in the evenings when experiencing a sleep disorder.

These 10 conditions affect a huge number of people on a regular basis. In many cases meditation may treat these conditions or offer significant improvements. When struggling with conventional treatments, recognize that meditation has been studied and proven effective by rigorous medical studies. For this reason, meditation is becoming a mainstream option for treatments, and many people are finding relief through regular practice.