10 Surprising Medical Conditions Meditation Can Treat

4. Decreased Illness

This benefit is not linked to any specific disease, but rather diseases in general. People who participate in meditation take fewer sick days. They appear to be less prone to common colds and illnesses, and are more productive as a result. The exact reason isn’t known, although it’s certainly well-understood that your state of mind affects your immune system. The decreased susceptibility may simply be to an improved immune system function.

3. Cancer

While meditation has not been shown to actually treat cancer, it is often used as a therapy for people undergoing cancer treatment. Certainly, anyone who has gone through cancer treatments or seen the effects of them understands the difficult side-effects of treatment. Symptoms like a lack of appetite and nausea or vomiting are common in people with cancer. However, when undergoing treatment, taking part in meditation can improve symptoms. Many people turn to this method when symptoms are severe.