10 Surprising Medical Conditions Meditation Can Treat

Meditation as medicine certainly isn’t a new idea. The practice of meditation has been in place for thousands of years. Originally, designed to deepen the understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life, it has taken roots in today’s medical practices. Many holistic and naturopath doctors incorporate meditation into their practices and even prescribe it for their patients.

While meditative practices were not seen seriously as healing cures until fairly recently, medical studies have found tangible benefits to the practice of meditation.

Meditation as a complementary medicine is discounted by many. Whether seen as a waste of time or simply ineffective, the neurological evidence behind mindful focus often goes ignored. Keep in mind that these practices are backed by a strong basis of evidence. Studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggest the significant benefits of meditation for a variety of disease states and conditions.

For those unfamiliar with meditation, this practice allows you to focus your attention and eliminate the stream of thoughts which often crowd your mind. This process is a type of mind-body complementary meditation that leads to relaxation and a tranquil mind. While many people struggle to incorporate meditation into their lives, the results are certainly worth the effort. Consider these 10 conditions that meditation can treat.

10. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This condition occurs in a wide range of people today. It’s characterized by uncontrolled worrying, poor sleeping patterns, and irritability. In a matched study, the participants who were taught mindfulness-based techniques found that their symptoms were significantly improved. Their quality of life improved as the symptoms of the disorder were decreased.

9. Depression

Along with anxiety, meditation also provides a relief from the crippling effects of depression. By focusing on meditative practices regularly, many people find that they feel calmer and more at peace with their lives. In many cases, depression affects your life significantly. From preventing normal activities to keeping you from having meaningful relationships with others, meditation practices provide an alternative to medications. Even in cases where medication may be needed, meditation may still provide benefits.