10 Of The Most Expensive Rehab Centers

When celebrities detox from alcohol or drug abuse, they unsurprisingly choose the most luxurious treatment centers. There are many such centers around the world, and most of these provide patients with a wide range of amenities and facilities. Rest assured, you will not find these facilities in standard rehab treatment centers. These amenities also come with a big price tag.

Sanctuary Byron Bay – Australia


The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia is among the most expensive and exclusive alcohol and drug treatment centers in the world, offering excellent views of Australia’s vast coastline. The Sanctuary employs both alternative and traditional programs to help patients recover.

Physiotherapy, deep tissue massage, meditation and yoga are some of the most popular services offered at this rehab center. A unique feature of this rehab center is that it is pet friendly. Studies have shown that it is comforting for patients to be in the company of their beloved pets during recovery.

Hope by the Sea – California

Hope by the Sea is located in Orange County and offers a wide range of programs for alcohol and drug abuse. Facilities include a stylish pool, landscaped grounds, large rooms and view of the beautiful beach.

The facility also operates in many other locations, including San Diego, San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach. Besides traditional programs, this rehab center also offers a rehab program in conjunction with the popular Saddleback Church.

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