10 Medication Combinations That Are Dangerous For Your Health

5. Allergy medications and apple juice



If you take Allegra, avoid apple juice – as well as grapefruits and oranges – at least 4 hours after taking the pill. The fruit juices inhibit a peptide that transmits the drug to your bloodstream. The decreased absorption can make Allegra medication up to 70 percent less effective at combating your sneezing and sniffling allergic symptoms. Other medications can also be negatively influenced by these fruits and fruit juices: for example, the antibiotics Levaquin and Cipro, the asthma and allergy treatment Singulair, and thyroid medication Synthroid.

6. Warfarin and Cassia cinnamon



Cassia cinnamon has high levels of a compound called coumarin. This active ingredient can possibly cause liver damage and act as a blood thinner. If you’re taking warfarin, it is advised to switch instead to Ceylon cinnamon.