10 Medication Combinations That Are Dangerous For Your Health

3. Antidepressants and smoked meats



If the antidepressant pills belong to a class called monoamine oxidase inhibitors — brand names include Nardil, Marplan, Parnate, or Emsam — combining them with foods that are rich in the amino acid tyramine can lead to potentially life threatening spikes in blood pressure. The list of items to avoid includes not only smoked meats and sausage, but also hot dogs, red wine, soy sauce, sauerkraut, aged cheeses, and draft or home-brewed beer.

4. Ritalin and chocolate


Chocolate contains, besides caffeine, a stimulant called theobromine. Combining together a cocktail of these stimulants can lead to seizures and erratic behavior. To get an idea on how high the content of caffeine is in your chocolate – as a general rule, the darker the chocolate, the more theobromine and caffeine it contains.