10 Early Warning Signs of Schizophrenia

6. Delusions


The patient may have paranoid delusions or delusions of grandiose, believing they are far more powerful than they are. An unhealthy emphasis on the self is the focal point. People may think they can move the stars or that they are a person ranking a high position of office or a movie star. There is difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. Sometimes the patient thinks they are the subject of an FBI investigation for no apparent reason. This is why being delusional and paranoid can go hand and hand.

5. Speaking in an unknown tongue or writing in a nonsensical way


Linda’s testimony, from a support group discussion appearing on Schizophrenia.com, shared how her son spoke in a garbled tongue. Voices would tell him what numbers to pick out for a lottery ticket. Relentlessly he did nothing but play Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, until his CD player broke. He also believed sadly that his mother was from a different planet than he was and wanted to harm him.