10 Early Warning Signs of Schizophrenia

8. Paranoia


There is usually an increase in strange thoughts with schizophrenia. The perception of their world is distorted and they may have unfounded suspicions of others. The patient believes incorrectly that others are out to get them, or harm their family. This is beyond the sensible action of locking ones car doors. They could be in a restaurant and ask their friends to keep their voices down because they think those within earshot may want to steal their ideas.

7. Hallucinations (primarily auditory)


Hearing voices are the most common hallucination experienced by schizophrenics. Patients may have a tendency to hear sinister voices. Sometimes these voices instruct the patient to commit a crime. People with manic depression and bipolar disorder have been known to hear similar voices. Anxiety can trigger an episode, which is why it’s vital to learn coping techniques. Sounds of laughter and condemnation echo in the background with garbled dark voices. Words play over and over stating “stupid”, “worthless” or “pointless”.