10 Early Warning Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

6. Rigid body movement

Feeling rigid after waking up is quite normal as you age. However, your body should get into fluid rhythm after a few minutes. However, if the rigidity persists into the day such that you have trouble walking or moving your hands, you may have Parkinson’s disease. This rigidness occurs when the brain cells that control body movements are damaged. The condition may worsen as the disease progresses. Patients will usually get slower and in severe cases, movement ceases completely.

5. Masked face

This is characterized by having a blank seemingly serious stare. The face tells a lot about emotional response. PD patients are often described as having a flat expression on their face even if they don’t realize it. If people point this out about you often, it’s possible that the brain cells that control your facial muscles are impaired. However, a masked face can also result from side effects of drugs or even cosmetic treatments.