10 Early Cancer Warning Signs Men Should Not Ignore

5. Difficulty swallowing


Throat cancer often begins with swallowing problems. If the these are accompanied by vomiting and weight loss it is surely time to take an exam. Throat problems could also appear alongside a nagging cough that doesn’t go away for months. The doctor may conduct various scans to dispel different conditions and even extract mucus from your lungs to check for infections. Additionally, people with a high risk for cancer should report patches on their mouth or lips to a professional. Smokers and those who like to chew tobacco are more likely to suffer mouth cancer and they must therefore act fast on the early warning signs.

6. Recurring fevers


Fevers are accepted as ordinary occurrences in one’s medical life but there is cause for worry if they keep returning without explanation. Being constantly feverish could be a sign of blood cancers like leukemia.