10 Common Eating Habits That Can Wreck Your Health

One of the most difficult tasks that anyone can take on is changing the way they eat. If you turn on the television or go to a bookstore, there are thousands of different diet plans out there designed to help people lose unwanted weight.

Most of the decisions that people make around food are based on their hectic schedules and the stress that they accumulate over time. However, with modern activity rates at the lowest point in all of our history, it is more important than ever to eat as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately the trend is going the other directions where people are making decisions based on emotions and stress rather than their health. There are many ways in which these decisions negatively affect health and wellness. There are a plethora of bad eating habits that people have developed over the years that are now entrenched in the way they eat.

The good news is that there are ways to combat these eating habits, and over time you can turn these in to good habits that promote health and wellness. Here are 10 examples of bad eating habits in our daily lives and how they negatively affect our health.

10. Stress Eating


Perhaps the most popular bad eating habit is stress eating. It can be very tempting to always turn towards food when you are feeling stressed. However, over time this is going to add unwanted calories into the diet and result in weight gain. Instead of turning to food, turn to exercise when feeling stressed.

9. Not Eating Breakfast


Many people think that by skipping breakfast they are helping with their weight loss. However, when a person does not eat breakfast their metabolism fails to start up in the morning. Instead of skipping breakfast, choose a healthy breakfast full of vitamin rich foods that are also filling such as eggs and oatmeal.